Monday, August 13, 2012


Miss Lily has been begging us for a pair of rain boots for some time now. But like most of what the kids want I just wait to see if they ask me in a week. In some matters if they even ask me the next day. Most of the time their impulse passes. But not Lily's. Months later she was still asking me for a pair of rain boots.

So in my inbox one morning I seen a daily deal site where they were selling wellies.

(In the UK the people called rain boots "wellies")

So for SUPER freakish cheap I ordered her a pair. Expected ship time 1 month! It's from England so Mike and I said we'd put them aside for her birthday

On delivery date: wrong size. I converted the sizes wrong so I ordered Lily her current size. So to ensure she could enjoy them before she outgrew them I left them on the kitchen counter. In plain sight for her to see.

And oh. my. She was EXCITED!!!!
 She's kissing them because she loves them so much.
 But since there was no puddles she ventured outside to make her own puddle.
 Nope....not splashy enough.'s good now :-)
 Cati being Lily's helper and making sure the mud stays splashy.
 So worth getting the wrong size to see this smile.

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