Saturday, August 11, 2012

Under $20

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Is it possible to get school supplies for only $20?

Being on a tight budget this years school supplies needed to be carefully planned. So with the help of some coupon sites I planned to visit 3 office supply stores and stock up on whatever they had.
And I made my budget only $20 for supplies. And all was purchased I was excited that I was still under budget by $2.81. Yeah! Total retail value around $150!

Here's what I got:
Some items aren't in photo since Mike took some things for work, the girls colored on our walls with working markers, and we gave some items to charity

2- lunch sacks
2- 5 pack black sharpies
7- packages of erasers
3- book covers ( if the kids don't use them then I will :)....)
7- packages of markers
5- pencil sharpeners
5- composition notebooks
3- notebook filler paper
2- pencil boxes
2- boxes of color pencils
5-boxes of crayons
2- 2 pack white outs
3-boxes with cases index cards
1-box of index cards
2-glue combos with scissors
4-glue sticks
3-metal compasses
2-packages of tape
4-packages of pens
6-spiral notebooks

I love back to school shopping!
Now to tackle school clothes shopping. *sigh*

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