Monday, August 27, 2012

Van is back

After 6 months it's great to say- Our Van Works Again! Our entire family was happy when Mike told me to go get our van from a friend's garage. Such a great day for us all :) 
I had asked our kids what's something they would want to do after we get it registered again. After a difficult explanation on why someone needs to pay for a sticker when we have stickers at home they all said they just wanted to go on a family drive. 

So the next day that's what we did. 
 But to sweeten the deal we picked up ice cream cones which the kids were so happy about.
It's just a blessing to have our van working again. With school starting I was dreading the idea of walking everyday. We would still walk since it'll save on gas money. And since it's still nice weather out but it's nice to have the option of riding to school. The joys have having a van again. I love it!
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