Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taking Action in Time of Need

I absolutely love reading the messages in the Ensign. This months message Taking Action in Time  of Need I read in the beginning of the month when the Ensign came in the mail. However with things and more things I lost it in our house somewhere. 
( Even though deep down I feel one of my  girls has it hidden somewhere...just my thought)
So when my partner and I went visiting teaching I had to print it off
Thank goodness for the Internet! :)

I really liked this message. I prayed on how to demonstrate to our sisters that they are in our thoughts and that they could count on us when they need help. Then I seen these emergency kits on-line along with a cute printable( here )and felt prompted to make them one of these tiny emergency kits.

 All the items were from around my house. Chapstick, cough drops, bobby pins, q-tips, a pen, band-aid, a cleaning wipe, earring back ( <---- I tend to lose those more often than I'd like to admit), a thread and needle, safety pin, nail file, and a small roll of Tums. It's amazing how much an Altoid tin can hold. But the most important part of these kits were the information. On the top sheet of paper I wrote my partners email and cell number along with my information.
Our sisters loved these kits! Most will be keeping them in their cars or purses.
But the message wasn't about making an emergency kit I felt it was about trust. With 14 million members and growing visiting teachers should rejoice.

"..the blessing which hath been bestowed upon us, that we have been made instruments in the hands of God to bring about his great work"~Alma 26:1,3

We are given the blessing to love, serve, and strengthen our sisters and their families. But in my opinion this comes with trust. I need to trust my own visiting teachers when they tell me that I can call on them for anything. And they have shown me I can trust them by their kind acts, monthly visits, and their eagerness to serve me. So I pray that I am showing my sisters I visit teach that they can trust me and know I will be there for them. Like the tag says either for a helping hand, listening ear, a casserole, or a cupcake we'll be there for her.

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