Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hunger Games Date

With the movie Hunger Games coming out on DVD this weekend Mike has really wanted to see this movie. But he hasn't since I was a big baby about it. I couldn't get pass the first chapter in the book without crying. Kids killing each other. Call me crazy but it made this mom cry.

Anyways back to our fun date. I was going to pick up this movie later in the evening but when I looked on Redbox this movie was gone within a 10 miles radius. I would have normally skipped this date and would have done something else but....I love Mike. So Hailey and I drove to Salt Lake City just to pick this movie up from Redbox. $1.28 rental plus 15 miles worth of gas. :) That's love ♥
                                        photo source

But I couldn't just call it the end with a movie like this. I've heard from so many friends about some of the details in the movie. And based on the previews I pulled together a pretty fun and entertaining date night for the 2 of us.

While we watched the movie I picked up some treats for us.

In the movie Pete is the son of a baker so I grabbed some yummy desserts from the store bakery. And since Target doesn't sell Nightlock (toxic deadly berries) I just picked up some blueberries :) Still very yummy!

After the movie Mike and I went outside to see how good our bow skills are.
 "May the odds ever be in your favor"
 I just taped some target onto our window and I grabbed this bow and arrow set from the toy section. The odds were not in Mike's favor.
 Me on the other hand...once I learned how to hold the bow I was pretty good. The arrow from the first picture is actually mine. And the rest of my turns I might not have got bulls-eye but I got close enough to injury my target.

It was a nice night. For having a cold and a late night date it was really fun.
And as for me and this Hunger series.....I am having to go read these books. Even though I cried when Katniss volunteered in the movie I am curious as to what will happen to her and Pete.

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