Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waterfall Hike

My visiting teacher has told me so many times about a waterfall that is right by our neighborhood. Mike and I tried to find it once and we were unsuccessful. So when she came this month I had her literally draw me a map with instructions. :)

Today is Stake Regional Conference (or something like that) We should have gone to church but something about sitting with Lily and Cati with people outside our ward who don't know to ignore my children's giggles- we made it a family day instead.

With the map in hand we went up the canyon, took a small hike, and slide down a sandy hill since the road was closed. But we found a small waterfall.

 While our kids and I played in the water Mike went alittle further up to see what he could find. And I am so thankful that he is adventurous because Oh.My. Awesomeness.
 The hike was alittle harder but we aren't raising city kids.

We all held hands, climbed, slide, jumped, and sucked it in alittle to get here and boy was it worth it. Such a great waterfall with a shallow pool that goes up to your ankles....or in Ducati's case her knees. (side not she's so little)
This is the smile when Lily first seen this waterfall.
 Mike couldn't help but to climb alittle closer to it.
 He's so funny. He had a big-o grin on his face when he was touching it.
 Hailey and Lily wanted to climb the waterfall as well....but this momma was thinking No way. So instead of saying No I suggest the small cliff. It's about 3 feet off the ground. They liked it. And I liked that I didn't have to say No.
 Cati wanted a turn too but....
 She was really freaked out. Right after I clicked the photo she wanted off.
 I don't have many photos of Mason since he was out exploring. The girls tend to stay close to me;which is fine with me. But with Mason we (mostly me) are trying to help grow his independence so Mike found this stick...sort of looks like Gandalf's..... which helped Mason explore around the waterfall. It was great to watch him....from a distance :)
 Lily had so much fun skipping (more like throwing) rocks.
 Hailey loved it here. She asked that we go back every week.
 Cati is now a wilderness girl. (Giggle*) You know what I mean :)
 I was wanting a family photo but this bug wanted to join the picture. Which just lead to a bunch of girls shrieking. So Mike helped it relocate across the waterfall.

 We had so much fun. I am so grateful that my visiting teacher drew this map out or we might have never found this wonderful place.

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