Monday, August 13, 2012

Till we meet again

Last week my Grandpa Edward pass away. I haven't seen him for a long time. But despite the distance and years I have more memories with him than any other family member. 
 I remember his oddly shaped house, his smoky laugh, the way he called my mom, "Bird", his Christmas cards, his fridge...I know :-) but he always had some sort of sweet treat that I could have a bite of.
For the past 3 months he's been helping me with my genealogy. When I found something fun, educational, or just odd I would tell my mom who then would tell my grandpa. He found it interesting and supported me on this quest. 

 I know it's a hard time for my mom and uncles. My grandma passed away a couple of years ago as well. But I'm finding it difficult for me to grasp that I no longer have grandparents. Something about writing that statement makes me teary eye. During the week I've tried to stay focus on my life ( more like distracted with my life). Take care of my kids, clean my house, plan for a wedding reception, get back to school ready, etc. but it seems I'm doing everything wrong. Most of what I've been doing is half-way since I can't focus. Which in turns leads to people getting angry with me since I'm not following through. So I thought I would write it down, get it out, and try to get back on track.

I'm going to miss you Grandpa. ♥
But like my favorite hymn, ♪
♪ " God be with you till we meet again
Till we meet, till we meet, Till we meet at Jesus' feet
Till we meet, till we meet, God be with you till we meet again." ♪

Here's his obituary I got from a Chicago newspaper.

Flores, Edward Beloved husband of the late Helen (nee Vega) and Maryann (nee Eifler); loving father of John (Jessica), Kathy (Sam), Felicia (Ben), Rachel (Mark), Paul (Susan), Steven (Nora), Rolando, Ricardo, Sylvia, and the late Edward; cherished grandfather of 12 and great-grandfather of 8; dearest brother of Gloria, Anita (Albert), Roy (Cheryl), Stella (Victor), Janie (late Vincente), and the late Fred (Carmen), and Joseph (Lupe); uncle to many nieces and nephews.
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