Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Preschool Graduation

Lily's summer preschool graduation. It was so adorable to watch this program. The young ladies (the teachers) really thought of everything. Each graduate had a nice paper cap to wear during their program.

The kids all took turns going up to the microphone and telling the audience something they did or learned while at school. For example learned about giraffe's, played with a soccer ball, learned about the color red.
 Miss Lily was so happy to see her friends and teachers once more. She was slightly bummed when she finished her last class.
 And I was so proud of her. I was impressed on how much she really learned during her school hours.
 After the class sang a few songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star or Row Your Boat the teachers handed out diploma's.
 You can tell that she's so happy and proud of herself. I love it!
After a quick class photo her teachers handed out Popsicle to everyone.
Ducati wanted to join in on the class photo. So we compromised  on the class ice cream photo since next summer she'll be joining the Summer Fun Preschool.
 And Hailey and Mason...they were great at supposing Lily in her preschool program. (Hailey actually left a play date early so she wouldn't miss it)

Hailey became an honorary preschool graduate.  She's too funny.

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