Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pinewood Derby

Unofficial definition- 
Derby dad: a dad who yells at track officials, puts graphite on his sons car after every other turn, is convinced that a certain lane is jink, and will deny race re-do's since his son won that round.
 For the past few years when Mason attends Pinewood Derby I have had to prepare mentally and pack some Advil just in case a Derby Dad takes the show. Unlike past years this year was wonderfully opposite. There were 1 or 3 mini-mild Derby dads so this made this pack meeting/Derby very calm and fun.

Mike helped Mason make his car. Which only took a few days. Mason was really happy how it turned out.

Mason placed 5th or 6th in the race. So in other words- he lost. But that's not important. For years Mike and I have been trying to teach him that winning isn't important. Because you actually win when you're having fun.
So after the Derby Mason said to me

Mason: "Mom, I didn't win. But I did win."
Me:  "Really, what do you mean?"
Mason:  " I didn't win the race. But I won because I had alot of fun with the boys."

Proud mom moment! :-)

But since the scout leaders are amazing around here they still handed out some awards to the boys. Mason won "Best Workmanship" since his car has a snake carved into it. He named it Slytherin. He was happy that they gave him some recognition for his car. 

Next year Mason wants to do some research on him to build a faster car. Not too win but to be faster than the person in 5th place. He's so funny! :-)
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