Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Completely Random

This week a cold has been passed around between kids. 
With summer almost over there was so much on my list that I planned to do in the next 2 weeks. But then plans changed. We're home passing Vicks, essential oils, and cold drops around instead. Hopefully within 1 or 2 days everyone will be good again. 

Meanwhile I had time to work on a few projects. 

 I framed Mason's tag from his first race along with a photo. He really liked it. Now it hangs on his room wall. He's excite to hang some more up. 

 Right now Krispy Kreme is having a promotion. For every 1 school supply item you bring in they'll give you 1 donut for free. So with all those supplies I picked up last week Lily and Hailey helped load this backpack up.
 When I went to pick up Mike from work I swung by the store and got these for FREE! A nice dozen of yummy gluten donuts. A dozen donuts cost around $7. We paid $.75. Not bad!
Cati and I sacrificed our Celiac for one of these.

I've had a chance to go through the girls clothes. It seems to be a seasonal event. And Cati had this dress that is so stinkin cute on her.
 But she stained it so with something. But since it's so cute I didn't want to toss it....just yet. So I put it in the "think-of-something pile".

But while at Joann's they had dye's marked down to 50 cents and I instantly thought of Cati's dress. 
She's so happy to have her dress back.
 I'm happy that all it took was a 50 cent save. :-) She already accessorized her new dress.

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