Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kids Mud Run

My family has really taken to running. Well...all but me. I need a refill on my asthma inhaler- Then I would be into giving it a try. Any who.....

Our county fair was holding a kids mud run so I signed up all our kiddos. So for weeks our kids would go outside to practice their running. It was exciting to see them all run around our block. But at the start of the week they all had a small cold. I blame this crazy weather. So all week they relaxed, took their cold medicine, and said so many prayers asking for health so they can participate in their mud run. By Friday morning all 4 kids were good and only had small sniffles.

This made everyone so happy. You can see it on their faces on the morning of their race.
With 3 different age groups Lily and Ducati were up first. Mike took them to the starting line. Mike gave Lily a pep talk that when the man yells "GO" you run as fast as you can to the finish line. Even though she was at the very back (see the red shirt in the back- Mike is right next to that guy) when she heard "GO" she ran so fast that she must of placed 4th or 5th.
 Cati on the other can see Mike walking back to her. He was trying to coach her into running but I don't think she understood what was going on. So she stood and cried alittle.
 Lily- after running the only thing she got dirty were her feet.
 As you can see not a speck of dirt on her. She was so in the zone while running. I think we have ourselves alittle pro- runner on our hands.
 I'm not sure what she's doing...maybe yoga?

Next was Hailey's turn. She was alittle nervous. But she's always been a nervous type when trying new things. She gets that from me :)
 But from the looks of the photo she enjoyed herself. She smiled the entire time she was running.
 Just keep running.... You're almost there!
 Hailey after her race. All the kids got slap bracelets for participating in the race IF they cross the finish line. So Ducati was the only one who didn't get a bracelet. But she didn't care much.
Now it's Mason turn. He really wanted to run despite his stuffy nose. That's dedication.
 He mostly stood in the back which is fine. He wasn't use to running on such slippery surfaces.
 Here he comes...
 Mason was about to cough or sneeze. So with camera magic I was able to capture the only time he wasn't smiling. :)
 Finish Line.
 Here's Ducati who wasn't dirty at all before Mason's run. She got so dirty from just watching on the sidelines. Those kids can really splash!
 Mason showing off his prize. He was really excited that he finished this race even though he was slightly under the weather.

But now the real fun started. Most of the parents grabbed their kids and left. So that left only a handful of kids who stood behind and had a chance to..... PLAY!




So after about 20 minutes to running in the mud...which I slightly joined in to go "fetch" my kids...
Mason had a time out so he's not as dirty as my girls. But here they are after the race. Looking so happy :)
 But exhausted. Look at Ducati's face. She's ready for a nap.
But one more thing- to get cleaned up from the hoses. There was a huge fire house and a small garden hose. The fire house was good for cleaning off the dirt but man..did it hurt! I even chickened out and stood behind some braver kids. My kids went to the garden hose to clean up.
 Ducati trying to get warm.
And the staff were handing out snacks for the runners. So everyone grabbed a small treat for the car ride back home. But it's sad to report that this is where Mason, Hailey, Ducati, and I all got sick again. Fevers, coughs, sneezes,...the whole shebang. :(  Well worth it even though now Mike and I are in charge of nursing back to health a bunch of kiddos. 
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