Friday, August 17, 2012

Fevers don't stop me

I don't know why but for the past 2 weeks our family has been sick. First week we each got a stomach bug that we were each able to kick within 24 hours of getting it. 

However this week we've been miserable with a cold. Maybe it's because we'll play in the water then come into our A/C house. Or maybe we don't rest long enough to ensure we're back to full health. Most likely both :) 
But the kids are doing much better. 98% healthy. But me.... I have it. I tried my best to not get this cold but being a mom- it's almost inevitable that I was to get it. So this weekend it's my turn but I have too much I planned to do to just lay around at home.

Tonight Mike and I went to a wedding reception from someone in our ward. It was nice to get dressed up and to support my friend and her family on this wonderful celebration. 
 But it wasn't nice that I was running a fever the entire time. Sweating and sneezing is not photo worthy :(
So we left early so I could go home to get some medicine. Within a few minutes I was feeling alittle better. So we had 1 hour left before we needed to pick up our kiddos from a friends house. So we went on a small hike up the canyon.
A friend of mine keeps telling me that there's a waterfall up the canyon. So Mike and I tried to find it. But by her descriptions and from where we found this waterfall- it's not the same. But pretty cool that we found another one.
I know....I have a cold and fever.I should rest and take it easy. I know I should take care of myself but I couldn't pass up some quality time with Mike. I'll rest next week :)

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