Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation Day

This day came. I wasn't expecting it so soon but after I realized that I  blinked I can see how this post came about.
Our sweet Hailey graduated from Kindergarten today.
She's been so excited for this day! She's ready to start her summer vacation.
But to remember her graduation we recorded it all so I'm going to making a cute video for not only her baby box but also family. I love our video recorder!
A few highlights:
her class sang a bunch of adorable songs to sum up their year
 Hailey and her friend, Anna, playing around while singing a song. :-)
 Hailey took the show a few times with either spins, the sign for "I love you" or pointing at someone in the audience. This girl loves being on stage.
 After the kids sang their songs they all exited the stage so they could each receive their certificates of completion.
 Then a little end of year party in her classroom.

 Well actually just arranged herself some play dates while Mike and I gathered her belongings.
Hailey with her best friend, Emmy. (while she has tons of BFF's but this is her #1)
 But our little girl is now entering into 1st grade. Here she is showing off her certificate. It was such a nice ceremony. And I admit this Momma cried a bit...well more than a bit but I'm just so proud of her and all she's done this school year.

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