Thursday, May 24, 2012

To forgive one another

So this post is not meant to be followed by any ridicule or negativity but a lesson I don't want to forget. Like most of life's trials they will bring along a great teaching opportunity and a humbling reminders of things that we need to improve on.

Last night we as a family went to Mason's school play. It was a great evening. Hailey seen so many of her friends from class and church. After all done we were headed to our car when a mother of 1 of Hailey classmates approached me.

From what she was saying about my daughter...WHOA!!! Watch out everyone- this Mamma was enraged. Mike was talking with Mason at this time but when he seen this woman talking to me either it was my body language or the spirit (<--- I think more of this one) he told Mason to hold on for a minute and came over to me and started hearing what was being said. At this time I just zip my lips and let her finish her ranting. I was ( and still am) thankful for all the knowledge that I was able to obtain from the classes Mike and I were given the opportunity to attend because I was able to handle this situation in a much healthier way.

Long story short her words lead to my daughter crying. Oh man.....I was hurt that this happened. When we drove home those 5 minutes seemed like an eternity as Hailey sat quietly in the backseat. And I know she was running it all through her head and the process of internalizing was beginning. And I know for a FACT- that once it settles into her core belief it takes alot of work to let it out. So once we got into the house everyone went to bed while Mike and I talked with Hailey.

We listened to her. We validated her feelings. We comforted her. We held her. Then it was time to teach....and to be honest all I wanted to tell her was to be angry and never speak to this person again. However recently Mike and I have been teaching our kids that whenever a situation arises like a trouble, question, concern, or thought and they need an answer they are to turn to their scriptures. So we searched the scriptures on what to do in this situation and then Mike read the story of Judas betraying Jesus. And how Jesus instantly forgave him even right after he kissed him.....this really changed my mind set.

So we talked about how this classmates mom didn't have all the facts. And we explained that even though we may not know why her classmate and their mom would do this we should not judge. We are required to forgive. I reminded Hailey how Mike and I follow the promptings of the holy spirit. And when something doesn't feel right we don't do it. So I explained that while this lady was talking to me all her words didn't carry the spirit. All it carried was angry and that's not of God. And I began to tell her that I did feel the spirit burn in my chest like fire when I looked down at her. She was curious to why it was burning so I told her. That the spirit was telling reminding me how much I love her and I am to trust her..... like RIGHT NOW!!

As I said this a conference talked popped into my I asked her if she wanted to pray for her classmates family. She at first said "No" (just like in the talk) so I knew what to say. I asked her if she thought that Heavenly Father would answer her pray. She wasn't sure. So I asked her to try and we began to pray. She asked for this family to be happy and not mad anymore. She asked if her heart could not be sad anymore. She asked that her classmate would tell the truth so they can be friend still. She asked for help to forgive.

After her prayer she said to me that God will answer her prayer and then came the thought to her that she'll make a gift for her classmate. (Me- I didn't want to. Bad example Mom) Hailey wanted to show this girl that even though she and her mom weren't the nicest Hailey wanted to show that she forgave them and that she was still going to be nice to her. So this morning she woke up and made a candy jar (photo above) with 2 flowers glued on top for 2 friends.

WOW!  A very humbling experience for this parent. Hailey is such a sweet spirit. She has this kind and loving spirit about her that she's always been the first to forgive when moments of hurt. I am so grateful to her mother. However this mother it took me like 3 seconds to be on the same page with her. And during those 3 seconds I think I must of sinned 100 times with all those negative feelings you person could hold. It's  said that "we need to be like a little child" because "blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth". This experience has shown me one more thing that I need to strive to be better at; to be like my 6 year old and forgive one another.
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