Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm going there someday

Being on the Relief Society Mid-Week Activity Board has been truly a new experience.
This months activity was planned around the temple. So everything was temple-ish.

The decor was planned to be all white. White table clothes, white flowers, white picture frames with photos of temples inside, white food, white dishware, etc. You get the idea!

So the setting up of everything was really simple and easy since there was no need to match colors since everything already matched. Even I know that white matches with white. :-)

The lesson consisted of a sister in our ward explaining the signs and symbols that are located on temples.
For instances the one that sticks out in my mind right now is the square circles.

photo source

These square circles represent earth meeting Heaven. I know that these square circles can be found almost everywhere on a temple. After I took a better look at our sealing photos I don't know why I didn't notice them before. They are all over in the background of this photo
 this one. And of course they are huge since I'm leaning on it in this photo and you can still make out what it is.

Anyways back to the activity...... after the lesson the committee arranged for a sister to sing a song about being at the temple. Being more musical inclined the song really touched me. With her sweet voice mixed with those sweet words brought that feeling of the sweet spirit around us all.

But for the fun activity for the night we arranged for everyone to do a craft. We made temple blocks. Everyone around here are big fans of those blocks. Birthday blocks, temple blocks, and maybe more blocks down the road.

Mike and Lily were so kind to help sand the blocks while I got ready for the activity.
The age recommendation for this activity was for 8 and up. Mostly due to having to sit during a 25 minute lesson. So this was a great opportunity for mothers to attend an activity with their daughters. And I was planning on bringing Hailey with me. I know she's not 8 was no big deal. I knew she could sit nicely during the lesson.  But she had a soccer game that night so she had to miss this activity. I think she's such a great team player that she didn't want to abandon her teammates.

So even without my Hailey the night was amazing. It was really fun. But I left alittle early so Mike can go to class and within minutes of Mike leaving Hailey ran through the door yelling for me to get ready  so we could go to the Relief Society activity. When I told her that the activity was over she was bummed until she seen the stuff on the table waiting for us to make the temple block.

Now she was happy☺

While we waited for the paint to dry we played around alittle.

After she painted her block with a few coats of pink it was now reaching 9pm so I sent her to bed. The following day we finished it up. Here's her masterpiece.
 Pink paint, blue sheer ribbon, felt flowers with buttons as their seeds, and felt hearts. With all this hot gluing I only got 1- 2nd degree burn on my arm. I say that's a huge success.But it was such a great opportunity for us to bond and to have a chance to talk about the temple and how amazing of a gift it is to all of is.

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