Friday, May 18, 2012

Reading Coupon Date

With all those coupons that Hailey and Mason get from school for passing off either a reading chart, for getting a great report card, or for being just a super awesome student I would just threw them into a jar on top of the fridge and never really thought about them. I really don't know why I did this. But then Mike told me a few days ago that when he was a kid that he must of only redeemed 1 coupon so he just lost interest in trying to earn them.

So Mike and I made a goal to try to redeem as many kid coupons as we could to show our kiddos that their hard work does pay off.
First Hailey redeemed her Free Sundae from Artic Circle for reading 5 hours in 1 week. Pretty great accomplishment since I don't even think I read 5 hours a week.
Lily and Cati got one of those free courtesy cones so when Hailey seen the BIG difference from their ice cream and hers she was really excited :-)

Then came lunch at Wingers for reading everyday of the month. During the school year Hailey would come home and give me another coupon and say that she's 1 or 2 away to earning enough coupons for the entire family at Wingers. She's so sweet! 
 (side note: some months she would bring home a different restaurant so we have about 4 different restaurants to eat at)
So with her extra coupon she "paid" for Lily's kid meal. 
But it was a really nice lunch date with my girls. And Hailey seemed to glow with a sense of pride and self-confidence when she seen that her hard work did pay off since she was able to pay for both those meals. She's so sweet! ♥

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