Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

In our house Mother's Day tends to hold a few traditions
* homemade gifts* several freezer meals being used * colored pictures given to me* flowers * chocolate* tons of hugs and kisses* an exhausted dad who gets a reality check of all that I do and appreciates me even more

But this year all 3 of our girls had colds so they only wanted Mommy cuddles. Which lead to us hanging out on the couch most of the day. But it wouldn't be Mother's day if they didn't want only me. 

Mike purchased me my own quad. I was very happy since I have been wanting one but wasn't happy on the price. But my hubby tells me that some people have paid for these scriptures with their lives so paying $$ for this is small change in the big picture. Only he can justify it this way. 

And the night before Mike set up a date night for us. He's so sweet! 
He rented the movie " The Vow"---> a movie that I have wanted to see since I seen the previews months ago.
And because the movie is based on a woman who loses her short term memory after a car accident Mike made me a Mother's Day Memory game. 
But this Mother's Day was different for me as well. After reading and hearing so much about President Uchtdorf  "Forget Me Not" talk that he announced in October 2011 conference I see being a mother in a whole new perspective. 
 In the commercial addressing his book based on his talk I cried when I heard these words...

I may feel little at times but I know God sees me.
Others may not notice the little things I do but I do them anyways
Because God notices them
I know he remembers me. 

This talk is one that I listen to at least once a week. Being a mother is a very hard but rewarding role. But the difficulty can overshadow the joy if not focused correctly. I am trying my hardest to use my time wisely which means choosing to focus on finding the wonder and delight in our ordinary life. It's something that seems so simple but it's been difficult for me. But like above I know God remembers me and he's helping me be the mother that my kids need. And today they need a mom to cuddle their stuffy noses. 
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