Friday, June 1, 2012

Last day of school

The last day of school. What a day! Although Hailey graduated the day before she had a sort of going-away-party. Each kid decorated boxes so they could have a derby race. With Mike's help they made a butterfly car. Pretty cute if I do say so myself. She won "Tallest car" award. Not really sure how that is but she enjoyed getting the certificate.

And after class it's been a long time tradition to go get McDonald's on the last day of school. So we headed to our local McD's and had a yummy and so not healthy lunch :-) 

After playing at the park for alittle bit we went to pick up Mason from school. As he ran to the car he quickly got in,  told me to drive, then started to cry. (being autistic he's more sensitive than other kids and doesn't do well with change)
He was sad that he wasn't going to see his class anymore and that he'll be getting a whole new class with new teacher. He just couldn't handle it. So as I comforted him I start to her crying in the backseat. First thought was the girls were fighting but NOPE- Hailey was crying because she was going to miss her teacher. I couldn't help but giggle under my breath. She was fine all afternoon until right now. So as I drove to drop off Mason and Hailey to their grandma they were both crying.

After comforting and listening I started to explain that this summer we had so many plans on things we can do. We made a list earlier in the week of all the things we want to do this summer vacation.
So after thinking about it they decided that instead of crying the entire summer; they want to have some major FUN! So now to start kicking off summer :-)
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