Saturday, May 5, 2012

Avengers Date

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Avengers+ sitter= DATE NIGHT! ........that's all :-)

Just joking. I don't want to remember this night like that. I had planned a nice, romantic and lovely date night for us. But when we heard that this movie came out we bagged the mushy gushy and headed towards the superhero nerdy date night.

Before the movie started we went to Harmon's for some of there famous gelato that all our friends keep talking about. However when we walked into the store they were having a gluten free workshop. Some people were handing our pamphlets, others were showing how to cook some GF meals, while others were handing out tons of free samples and goodie bags filled with chips, treats, cookies,....junk food! I really enjoyed that one :-) But we still grabbed some gelato so we could redeem our ice cream date coupon. Then it was MOVIE TIME!

This was such a great movie! I don't want to be a spoiler but this movie really leaves it open for a #2. Which we deep down really hope for. Anyways we had such a great night!
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