Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alma 22

Our family has been reading the Book of Mormon this year. We've read it before but usually get side tracked we never continue on past 1 Nephi. But we've been following this chart I found fromMy Mix of Six. So our family has adopted this Book of Mormon .
Well we finished up Alma 22 and on the chart it gives the idea of going to a fun restaurant to celebrate being half way through the Book of Mormon. So when we finished that chapter Mike and I postponed that event since our van is broken down. Our kids understood this dilemma. However Mike and I both were being prompted that we need to celebrate this milestone. So we prayed about it and felt impressed that we should go anyways. So as a family we chose to go go In-N-Out for dinner. Not super or crazy fun fancy but it meets our family requirements of 1) gluten free precautions 2)close to home 3) within our budget and
 4) everyone loves their food!

We packed all 4 kids into the back of our car and drove the few miles down the street to In-N-Out. After everyone ate Mike and I talked on the drive home while our kids played with those little sticker sheets. We just love it when Heavenly Father lets us share an experience. We both felt so much better knowing that we followed the prompting to fulfill our family commitment even if it was to go eat out. :-)

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