Friday, May 11, 2012

Gift Week

My brain is completely fried! Literally these past weeks my glue gun has been on non-stop. Seeing this was our first year having kids in school I was unfamiliar with the ways of Teacher's Appreciation Week. I remember when Mason was in Kindergarten there was a note that said what to bring on each day. For example Monday was flower, Tuesday was a treat, Wednesday was a paper, etc, etc. So naive me I thought I was getting a letter as well. NOPE!.......So I started gathering things. Mason and Hailey helped make some crafts ahead of time since I knew that this week was approaching. But like I said my brain has been completely fried. So Tuesday night; 2 days into Teachers week:  I realized that my kids have gone to school empty handed. I doubt that teachers expect much but I wasn't going to get lazy now. So during that night I pulled together those gifts we started on and add those finishing touches. 

1- Hailey picked out 2 pink water bottles (Mason was in school when we went to the store so Hailey picked it out for him) with some lemonade packets and a special note from the kids

2- a magnet board thing that I found at Dollar Tree with this sign I made and glued onto it. The kids colored the flowers and signed their name on it. It turned out really cute :-)

3. a cosmetic bag with some goodies. All those free travel sized items from coupons make a great gift. Body spray, body wash, lotion, etc. 

4. a package of flower seeds that the kids picked out with the note " Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever". Mason and Hailey made these cute flower bookmarks from felt and paperclips. Plus Mason made several of these seed packets for all his resource teachers so that's an extra 3 teachers. And Hailey gave one to her PE teacher. Thank goodness for gardening sales! :-)
 5. a package of cookies with a note "I'm one smart cookie thanks to you". Hailey said her teacher was going to like this one the best.
 But besides Teacher Appreciate Week I also made my mom a Sunshine Box. Plus our family sent out some cards and gifts in the mail. Plus I had to gather and prepare some things for our wards Relief Society activity.
I told my mom that this week was crazy insane. Not because it was a bad week but because I wasn't as prepared as I would of wanted to be. My goal for next year is have everything done and ready by April. This way I can sit back and enjoy this wonderful weather. :-)
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