Wednesday, May 9, 2012

French Cleat Bookshelves

Mike learned so much while he worked at Granite Mills. His new favorite thing is French Cleats.
 Alittle woodworking 101: French Cleats are when the wood is cut at angle. Then the bottom half is screwed into the wall and the remainder of the shelf just rests inside the cut angle groove. I know this doesn't sound very technical but this is my version of French Cleat 101. 

So with all the free wood he received from working there he made me these bookshelves. I am really excite!  Mike gave me the green light to buy as many books as I want to fill up all those empty shelves. I might be the only one who will spend $20 on thrift store 50 cents books. So it should be pretty easy to fill up these babies. :-)
An added note this entire get up was free! Shelves- free wood. Desk- friend gave us. Chair-friend didn't want. Patience does pay off...Literally!
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