Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kids Care Class

The local Junior High was having a kids care class. I don't entirely know all the details but I know the students were to bring a child between the ages of 3-5 and they were going to take care of them for an hour.  I guess most students just brought their younger sibling. The students and teacher planned games, crafts, and a treat for the younger kids. Anyways a friend from our ward called me and asked if her daughter could borrow Lily for her class. I giggled when she asked; not because it's weird but because it was just really awesome. I agreed and later that night my friend came over so her daughter and Lily could meet and so I could sign the permission slip. Lily of course was SUPER shy while they visited. But I know my daughter- right when they left Lily started telling me that the girl is her new best friend. That she's going to big girl school with ( her name) .

Anyways the day of the kids class Lily was really excite. So when she came home I knew she was going to tell me every single detail. She played with play-doh, colored a storybook, ate treats, and played with her new best friend. She had so much fun and I'm very grateful that my friend thought of Lily.
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