Monday, May 28, 2012

3 Memorial Day weekends

This holiday weekend we didn't spend it as a family. Semi-Bummer.....BUT it was still a great weekend for each of us.

Mason and Hailey- went to their other dad's house and spend the weekend doing all sorts of things. I'm not sure what exactly what but from I know they said they played, went to Toys R Us and watched a movie. ☺Sounds good to me.

Lily, Ducati, and me (Angie) were at home. During the weekend Cati had a stomach bug and Lily was having several nose bleeds so we needed to take it easy and be close to home. But even though they weren't in 100% party mode we still managed to have tons of fun.

We had a camp out in our living room. This was really fun. Chips, fruit and cups of pedialyte were on our late night snack tray.  Lily said, "We're staying up all night and we'll watch Diego"
 I think they made it to 8:30 before they just fell asleep.

 My mom came over for a visit. We had a plan to go to her house but with Cati's stomach bug she came over to our house. We went to Target for a few things where my mom ended up spoiling them with new skirts, shirts, hair ties, and these socks. My girls inherited my love of crazy silly socks.
 And what would a girls weekend be without jumping around like silly monkeys
On Sunday I said a prayer and got the girls ready and headed to church. I might sound alittle wimpy since it's only 2 kids. But 2 older kids are much easier than 2 toddlers. But we did it!

Mike- he was in Connecticut. Fun huh? But his visit was more for personal gain than personal fun.  Brent, Patty, and Mike were sealed as an eternal family in the Boston Temple.
I really honor my husband and his choice to do this. While reading scriptures awhile back ago Mike was prompted that he needs to be sealed to his dad, Brent, and stepmom, Patty. So he prayed about it and received the confirmation that he needed to do this. So he came to me about the idea and asked for my input. I didn't have any thoughts about I prayed about it and received the feeling that this was what he was suppose to do.

So now how to make it happen. I only write this because this experience really strengthened my testimony. With our tax returns we paid tithing, paid bills, purchased a few items like a car, then saved the rest. And shortly afterwards Mike lost his job. So we ended up using that saved money to pay for our household. But God blessed Mike to find employment quickly so we only needed to use some of that money. We were still able to hold onto several hundred dollars. Not much but still something for our emergency fund. But when this prompting came we knew that this was how he was going to make this prompting come to life. I admit that I was alittle worried about spending everything we had. Mike doesn't make much and we barely make ends meet anyhow (where my testimony is weak still) but I prayed for help so I wouldn't worry about money. I felt a peace come over me and I know that Heavenly Father will provide for us so I was on board.

Anyways  Mike paid for his ticket with some help from Brent and Patty. (tickets on a holiday weekend with only 2 weeks notice are NOT cheap) But he purchased the tickets and once that was done things really started to get interesting. We fought, the kids misbehaved, his work schedule increased to the point that he didn't sleep for almost 26 hours. ( you can see his dark circles...poor sleepy Mike)

 But we all persevered and he made it to Boston.
After everyone was done in the temple Mike called me (which was nice) and told me all about his amazing experience and that the only thing missing was me....AWWW! I admit that I would have wanted to have been there but we all know that if we waited until I could have gone Satan would have done more than he currently did in order to postpone it even longer.  But we were both happy that this happened the way it did. Well actually everyone (Brent, Patty, Mike, and me) was happy that this ordinance was able to happen.

We are all happy that Mike enjoyed his time with Brent and Patty. But when Monday morning came we were all happy that Daddy was coming home. As we waited by the airport gates to meet Mike our girls were getting so excited.  When they laid eyes on was so adorable! Lily squealed in delight, ran towards him, hugged him so tight that he fell over alittle. Cati was so happy that she hugged then danced alittle then went back for another hug then busted another move all the while singing ♫ "Oh yeah...Oh yeah.. daddy's home..oh yeah" ♪♪

 But they felt alittle better when Mike gave them their souvenirs. What girl doesn't love purses?
 As we drove him Mike was telling me about his trip and I could hear in the backseat the girls naming off all the things they planned on putting into their new purses.

Lily had a surprise for Mike. She drew him a picture and added some bedazzle to an envelope.

 Lily.....she was stuck on Mike the entire day. But I don't blame her. The longest she's ever been away from Mike is 1 night (when we go on our annual over-night getaway) so 3 days must of seemed like forever to her. But we don't foresee any reasons for him to travel again so she'll be alright.

 And my souvenir from my in-laws..... a new Boston hat. I had one when we went there a few years ago but it had to be sold. So they replaced it with a new one. Which I'm very happy about. And my hubby purchased me a flip flop Chicago key chain during his layover in O'Hare. It's totally me! :-)

After Mike was settled, unpacked, and hugged out Mason and Hailey came home around 7:30pm. We had a quick FHE and then it was time for bed. I have to say- this wife was excite to cuddle her hubby again.
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