Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Surprise Birthday Party

Oh my....this was fun!

Recap: Mason was grounded on his birthday for #1,#2, #3, #4 mistakes that lead him to the principals office. So all birthday celebrates where canceled. Real bummer for everyone.

So currently this week Mason has been having a down week. With homework, scouts, chores, etc. he said he misses his family. Even his teacher said that Mason really hates getting so much homework since he can't spend time with us. Break our little hearts.

So the thought came to me that besides rearranging a few things so Mason could spend more time with us we all helped to plan him a surprise birthday party. So with 18 hours we had to wing a few things. But I think things turned out great.

Thankfully we always have birthday fixings in our house. So our girls helped me decorate. Mike had yet started his new job so he was in charge of going to the store for the few things we didn't have. After everything was ready it was time to pick up Mason from school.  When Mike went to pick up Mason I asked him to honk the horn so I knew they were home. Mostly so we could start filming with our video recorder.

When Mason walked into our home we all yelled "Surprise- Happy Birthday!"
Boy was he excited!
After everyone was given a hug from him he started out with presents.
Mike and I had most of these under our bed from his original birthday. So that part was easy.

Side note: Mike and I talked about how we really don't get Mason the things that he really wants. We usually get him educational or spiritual gifts. There's nothing wrong with those type of gifts but sometimes we has parents just need to embrace our children's interested and get them the things that their childlike spirit wants. Back to party.....

Our girls helped me wrap them so the ribbon ended up knotted so it was somewhat difficult to take off but Mason didn't mind.

 A book series Mason wanted to read :-)
 A new cup- my kids like having their own set of dishes so there's no confusion and it helps relief some bickering.
 New shoes- he's so funny! He says, "COOL!" He was in need of some new shoes but since he destroyed his last pair we were making him earn and save his money to purchase his own. So now he's able to use that money for something shoes. ( we didn't buy these shoes. My parents did but like I said we stored all his gifts)
 And his BIG GIFT- A Nintendo DS Lite. I was alittle iffy getting this but Mike shared with me a memory he had at Mason's age. That he would just spent an entire weekend zoned out playing video games. He said it's a boy thing....I trust him on this :-)  Anyways Mike was inspired to go to Gamestop which was odd since we've only been there once. But a prompting is something you should never ignore. For the price of a retailed DS which is about $125 we were able to purchase the system with all those extras, a 2 year warranty (he has sisters) and the girls all agreed on a game for him (which was Kung Fu Panda 2) for the same price. Most expensive gift but look at the smile :)

After gifts we went outside for some FUN!!!
A good ol'fashion water balloon fight :-)
 Attack the birthday boy!
 Cati was just loving it♥

 Miss Hailey was trying to get me but since I was holding my camera she kept telling me, "Mom- c'mon put down your camera." Yet right!

After all the balloons were gone and a few injuries we headed back inside, changed, and enjoyed some birthday cake. The previous week Harmon's had a huge gluten free sale so I picked up a few boxes of GF cake mix.
Song time ♪♪
 I wonder what a 10 year old wishes for?
After everyone had a slice of cake Mike went to Wal-Mart to pick up the ingredients for Mason's favorite meal. Hotdogs and chips :-) While he was gone this is what happened. Everyone just gathered around the DS and watched Mason play his game.

But after all was done and we were getting ready for bed Mason still had 1 more gift.
A night out to see the movie Journey 2.

                                                                                        photo source
Mason was really excite to see this movie. Mike says he really enjoyed himself. When they came home Mason apologize to me for being home late. He's a funny kid but I'm glad he knows that he's up pass curfew :-)

Mike told me that when he helped Mason earlier put all his gifts in his room Mason was getting teary eyed. He told Mike that this was the best day ever! This warmed and saddened my heart. I'm so glad that Mason felt special today because he's one amazing young man. But I was sad that it's taken me so long on letting him know how special he is to not only our family but to me. This is one things I am going to work better on.

Happy Birthday Mason! :-) We all love you ♥
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