Sunday, May 27, 2012

Potty Train In A Day

It's a wonderful day in our house. Ducati is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!

After 4 kids and years and years of diapers we are finally done!
(she's posing not peeing so no worries)

I read an article off of Pinterest Potty train in 1 day. I was skeptical but I was desperate so I read it and it made tons of sense. 

How to potty train in a day in our house- panties, tons of chips, candy, salty treats, and SODA! I hate giving my kids soda but when I read this article it made sense. When you drink soda it makes you have to pee because of all the sodium. It's a given- it just happens. So on the BIG DAY you get rid of all distractions like TV, other kids, house work, etc and ONLY  focus on the trainee that day. So that 's what I sort of did. No house work, hardly any TV, and I couldn't get rid of Lily so she she became our Potty Cheerleader. 
And now it's time to pump Cati up with soda. 
  Diet Dr. Pepper 
Orange Mountain Dew- WINNER!

The purpose of peeing every 15 minutes is it that through the constant action repetition she'll learn faster than just sitting on the toilet and nothing happening. And it worked! By lunch she knew what to do and starting running to the toilet by herself.  Since this glorious day she's had maybe 2-3 accidents ( mostly due to someone being in the bathroom already), is weaned off of Mountain Dew, ate about 1lb of candy and earned herself her own set of panties after a week of no accidents.  I love being diaper free!

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