Thursday, May 3, 2012

Farm Field Trip

Hailey and her class had a field trip to a local farm. And her class was given the chance to bring along their younger siblings. Lily and Ducati were so excited that they could come along. 
This farm is between her school and our house so it was nice that it was within walking distance. 
Here's all the photos that I never want to forget.....

Lily feeding a horse
 Cati cruising around the farm like she owned it. :-)
 Lily feeding another horse. She just loved feeding all the animals

 Goats nibbling on little fingers brings tons of giggles.

 Hailey and her friend playing with this goat. The goat grabbed hold of this boys shorts and tried to take a nibble. Hailey and her friend laughed for like 3 minutes about this.
 Lily and Ducati with the same goat. They kept their distance to prevent any clothes snacking.
 Everyone had a chance to hold a little chick. Hailey loved this part the most.
 As well as Ducati. I had to keep loosening her hands. I was fearful that her love would smoother the chick and not in a good way.
 Cheddar the rabbit. All the kids kept calling him HOP. (adult note it's not even the rabbits name in the movie :-)...) So while in the rabbit pen all the kids gathered around Cheddar to have a chance to hold him.
 GROSS!!! ---> what Hailey said to me when she feed the cow. It's not the best photo so I tried to edit it the best I could since it's the only one that shows her facial expression. I have to admit that I didn't know they used their tongue to grab food so when I encouraged her to feed the cow I had no idea what was in store.
 Hailey♥ She's so beautiful. She told me that she really likes living out of the big city because you could never see farm animals if we lived in the city. She really likes that when we walk around the neighborhood she can see chickens, horses, or deer if it's early enough. Even though we don't live in the complete country I like our neighborhood. It's a nice mix of open fields and close neighbors.
 I think they are either trying to climb over the gate to join the sheep or are trying to set it free.
 Ducati loved feeding the sheep.
 As well as Lily. The group leader told each kid they could get 1 slice of bread for each animal but Lily dances to her own tune and must of feed this sheep 6 or 7 slices before I caught on to what she was doing.

 Hailey was having so much fun.
Climbing gates bring so much fun.
After everyone cleaning their hands the farmers gave all the kids a Popsicle to enjoy on their lawn. Such a great field trip.

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