Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Hourly

Every Father's day our kids rush into our room, jump all over Mike, throw at him tons of gifts and then we spent the rest of the day either playing, watching movies, and eating. But the feeling of Father's day ends after breakfast. So this year the kids and I cooked up a different plan for Father's Day. 

A gift every hour! We started at 6am and went until 8pm. The cereal boxes each had something inside and the brown wrapped gifts were the gifts Mike could take with him to church to open. 

 6am. Breakfast in bed! I seen the "Best Pop Ever" soda can cover printable off of Pinterest. Wrapped it up around a  Mountain Dew and instant gift. :-) 


photo from Amazon journal book. I took some photos of Mike with our kids a while back and ordered this book from Shutterfly and on certain pages the kids and I wrote something that we remember.- a special memory. A special moment that we each spent with Mike. And I wrote several quotes about fatherhood all over the pages.
 He really liked it! He said it was one of his favorite gifts. Yeah- he's getting choked up  ♥
 9am.....Usher cologne black socks with starburst

11am.....ties messages. Mike already had ties so each of our kids and myself included made special tie tags for each tie.

And I made him this tie holder. 

12pm...... cards. I ordered him a great card. A one of a kind Farter's Day....I mean Father's Day card. He liked it.  

 And you can't have a Farter's Day card without a whoopie cushion.
 And our kids made him "I love you this much" cards. Handprint cut outs and string the length of their arms makes for one sweet card.
 Lily was showing him how we made them. "I love you this much daddy"
 Then she asked to play with his fart balloon.
 1pm.....magic card trick set
2pm...... pistachios
3pm...... a small bag of fireworks Breaking the Press
This movie is amazing. The story is based on the story of the prodical son from the Bible. It's one of my favorite stories. This movie is really touching and made us a cry a few times.

5pm....a new journal with clicky pens. Mike likes pens that click instead of BIC pens.
6pm.....some caramel popcorn
7pm......Chrome Cologne
8pm.......2 tickets to the new Batman movie that comes out in July.
photo from Fandago
So this Father's Day Mike was spoiled but he's such an amazing dad he very much deserved it. Mike said he really liked the hourly gifts. It kept the spirit of Father's day ALL DAY! So this is for sure something we'll be doing from now on. And a great fact....all of this spoiling cost around $50. I love coupons! 

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