Friday, June 15, 2012

Too much fun

With summer really starting to get in the swing over at our house I've noticed that we're always laughing, messy and in need of naps. 

Make something Monday-
Mini Marshmallow Construction
a bowl full of mini marshmallows, toothpicks, and a child's imagination= fun for a few hours :-)

Lily was so proud of her snowman that she didn't want to eat him up. But after alittle bit the temptation got to her and she ate him up. 
 Right after Ducati made a box....
 She ate up all her marshmallows. She kept saying, "Mommy they taste yummy in my mouth."  

Hailey on the other hand really was in the creative zone. 

 She made a temple, super tall snowman, snowflake or star (depending when you asked her) and our house.

Time to Read Tuesday we played that Alphabet Game that I posted earlier.

What's cooking Wednesday:
Campfire cooking.
 Mike had collected so much scrap wood that we started to get ants so he cut it all down and we had a nice fire pit dinner that included hotdogs and smores.
 I'm not really sure what Ducati is doing. She's currently in a weird phrase. Not weird like "Oh that's weird-how did my keys get in my pocket" but more like "She's smelling her hotdog" weird. I'm just chalking it up as a growing up phrase.

 But here's our families 1st smore of the summer season. I told Mike that it's taken us 13days into summer to have a smore. Shame on us!

 Our family secret that we'll now record is we have smores with cookies. It's absolutely the best way to eat a smore. Get rid of the graham crackers and chocolate bars. Too messy and too cliche. Try the cookie!
 Lily is eyeballing my GF smore.
 My Cati loves food. Can't you tell?

 "Mommy this more is yummy"

Thoughtful Thursday:
our original plans fell through so we we wrote pen pals and played in the sprinklers instead. Not on our bucket list but still a good turn around for our day.

 Yup, Lily's pretending to pee. Who doesn't do that as a kid?

Fun Friday:
We went to a new park. Our goal is to go to 3 new parks this summer. The kids loved it! They loved it so much that I couldn't get 1 photo of them since they kept running around like a bunch of crazy kids. haha :-)

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