Monday, June 4, 2012

Highlight Reel

A few highlights from last week:

a lunch date. A friend of mine from the class I use to attend and I were meeting up for lunch when Hailey decided she wanted to come along. I got a sitter for an hour so it could just be the 2 of us. That was a nice change of pace. She's so sweet. My friend brought her daughter and son along as well ( that was nice to have another kid for Hailey to chat with) and the entire time these 2 girls, who are the same age, bonded like BFF's. After an hour they were planning swimming parties and sleep overs (which we don't do so no worries there) but it's nice to have this opportunity to spend time with my growing young lady.
 There are many reasons on why I love Mike. And this is one of them. After working a 13 hour shift he still finds the strength to help those in need.
 What's summer without watermelon? Super lame! After a super great deal at Target for a watermelon this is what we ate for snack.....
and Dessert.
 Lastly, Lily got a phone call from Cinderella. There's a coupon code for Disney Rewards members to redeem for a free phone call from a Disney Star. Let's just say that Lily was so excited that Cinderella called her to wish her a good morning and to have a wonderful day. It was really cute!

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