Saturday, June 16, 2012

Diego Education

With having Netflix our girls absolutely love Diego. On their days they always pick to watch an episode. Which is no problem since they are learning all about animals. 
Last week my mom was going to take us to the zoo so I was looking around online for some discounted tickets but wasn't able to find discounted day tickets but I did find a discount on a season pass. So for the cost of 1 trip of 2 adults and our 4 kids it would cost pretty much the same as a season pass. So she purchased our family the season pass. Which we're so grateful for (thanks Mom). But when our plans didn't happen our girls were bummed since they wanted to see the animals so after our neighbors baptism  we hurried home, changed, and threw some snacks into a bag and headed to Hogle Zoo. (sorry mom for not waiting)

Lily and Cati were so happy that photos can't even explain it. Lily kept asking if the zoo has animals like  in Diego. So when they seen this elephant Lily started to tell me all the info that she learned from the show. It was so adorable!
 Lily: "They use their long nose to put water on their heads"
 Cati: " There's a mommy elephant and a baby elephant."
Lily: " The rive otter can swim and wiggle"

 Every where in the zoo where these water fan mister things. We all loved them!
  Snack time in the giraffe house. Mike and I were playing around with the sign.
"Please don't feed them anything" hahaha......parent giggles :-)
"Cati what does a giraffe do?" (camera shy)
 "Lily what does a giraffe do? "
 Zoo maps. Lily was trying to read her map the staff worker gave her but she kept getting confused. So when I pointed out the signs we heard the biggest "WOW!" from her that Mike and I just laughed. She was absolutely amazed by these signs.
And Lily was kind enough to smash a few box elder bugs for us. For living in where we live I would think she'd get use to them but she hasn't.

 Our poor girl. She refused to sit in the stroller. I was sort of hoping she would change her mind since she skipped nap time but nope- she just took lots of breaks.
 Visiting the gorillas means Lily needs to swing like them.
 "Look daddy. Monkey carpet." (burlap bags)
 "Look daddy he makes his bed pretty like I do"
 "Look CHICKENSSS!!!!"
Lily: "Oh daddy can I climb the monkey?"
Mike: "Alright only if Mom can get 1 picture of you with your arms folded"
 "Look I'm on the monkey's head. heehee"

 "Me too. I want to sit by the monkey"........"No not on his head. He's too scary"

 Another break.....
 We're having so much fun!
 Not sure if we've ever noticed this but there's a painting inside a money habitat that looks just like the Statue of Liberty. Don't you think?
 Super fun and super exhausting day.

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