Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So our latest family success is running. Mike has been running for a while now. But with the latest trials of Mason's pre-manhood Mike started taking him on runs to get out some of that built up testosterone. So everyday they go running. Some days it's based on speed and some days it's based on distance. Mason has worked up to 5 miles. That's something I admire. I never been a fan of running but to say I can run 5 miles that motivates me into joining them. But it's boy bonding time so I stay behind and take the photos. :-)

Mike jokes that he takes this time to talk to Mason. He talks about teenage-hood, God, the gospel, school, family, temptations, etc. whatever the spirit prompts Mike to talk about. And since Mason is focusing on his breathing he doesn't say much- he just listens.

And so far- we've noticed a big difference in Mason behavior. He's calmer, more patient, and just more laid back after a good run. And on days he doesn't run- watch out grumpy pre-teen approaching.

Side Note: Mason really liked running with Mike that they are signing up for the July 4th 5k race in our county. Mason is really excite and wants to run everyday so he can be ready. We're really excite and proud for him. 
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