Monday, June 25, 2012


For Family Home Evening I (angie) was in charge of the lesson for Family Home Evening. I had intentions on teaching a different lesson but I was thankfully guided by heavenly hands to this great lesson. 

So to keep everyone on their toes of what my lesson was on we played a game first. Who doesn't love a good game? 

I grabbed a poncho and Lily graciously volunteered to help me out. And everyone else in the family grabbed cups and cups of water. :-)
Then let her have it!
 Mike even brought out his super soaker.

After everyone was done dumping water on her (which she just kept giggling during) we went inside and I showed them this photo.

I seen it on Facebook and thought that it was a great representation of how powerful scriptures are to us. Mike got my point right away while the kids they were still connecting the dots. 
So for my lesson I asked Lily if she got wet from the water. She said "No". Then I asked her if her legs, hair, toes, fingers, ears, hands, arms, belly,back...if anything got wet- she said "NO"
So I explained that when we read our scriptures daily we'll have heavenly protection where no evil can get us "wet". That Satan might pour water on us but we'll be safe since we read our scriptures. The kids really liked this lesson. :-)

 And for the refreshment we had apple nachos. Since conference Mike makes it a point to tell me that the refreshments are the most important part of Family Home Evening. So all the recipes I saved on Pinterest are now being made for FHE. I've grown to really enjoy having family night since I've seen first hand that our family can get busy really fast.

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