Friday, June 29, 2012

Weeks Worth

Last week I burnt myself out.

Make Something Monday-  cleaned our house and played a water balloon target game.

Time to Read Tuesday we read books from our summer book club. The kids are about 2 books each away from being done with this book club. 

What's cooking Wednesday we made cookies and then gave them away.
Mason and Hailey asked me why Mike and I pray about everything. So I explained how we're to always ask God for his guidance and he'll answer us through promptings. So after we baked the cookies I had the kids pray on who to give these cookies too and they each received their own prompting and then followed it.
I am so proud of them that they are wanting to follow the promptings from Heavenly Father. 

Thoughtful Thursday we wrote to missionaries.

 Friday- we went to the park and I took some photos of our kiddos.

 Ducati- as she was walking she seen her shadow and said "Hello" to it.

But after the park I was so tired that I needed to rest. I haven't been eating right or getting enough sleep so we came back home and we relaxed in our grass. It was still a great low key week.

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