Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun Week

This week has really been fun for the kids and I. I'm very grateful that we took the time right when school let out and made our Summer Bucket List. Everyday we're doing something different and with a schedule  there's themes for each day so it's easier to find an activity that goes with the theme.
For example: Make something Monday. We checked off 
Make a rock Family 

 Time to Read Tuesday
  Reading Game  
Every time the word, "patience", was read everyone received a marshmallow. The entire bag was gone by the end of the book but the kids learned alot about the word patience.
 What's Cooking Wednesday
  bake cupcakes  
 Having 5 bakers in 1 kitchen was....Fun :-)  The kids really liked it baking our family dessert. Mike decided to switch things up so we had cupcakes for dinner and spaghetti for dessert. 

 Everyone loved it!
 Bowls full of all sorts of sprinkles, marshmallows, and icings....everyone was super happy!
 Cati and her creative ways of eating :-)
 Side note: with the excitement of having a picnic table no body wanted to come inside for dinner. So this mom had to get creative. 
 Then everyone had to work off their dinner.

 Another side note:Mike made his picnic table for me. I've been wanting one for a while so he took some of the scrap wood that's received from Granite Mills along with these tabletops and made this nice 4-seat table. I think it's absolutely amazing for being completely FREE!
Back to our Fun Week- for Thursday we had
 " Be Thoughtful Thursday"
  do a  service for a family member 
 so I thought it would be thoughtful if I sewed my girls the dresses they have been wanting. Lily and Hailey have matching maxi dresses. They really liked them and  I like the fact that the $1 fabric I got from Wal Mart I was able to make 2 dresses and Hailey a matching purse so great deal.
And on Friday we were suppose to do some sort of fun activity for "Fun Friday" but we ended up going to  6 different stores so we can gather all the items we needed to start making our Father's Day gifts. We all actually thought this was really fun. My kids love making crafts. 
But this summer so far has been very entertaining. We still reading everyday, doing chores, have independent play time but it's nice to have family fun activities. 
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