Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brave Date

For Easter Hailey received the video game coupon for her parent date. But video games aren't really her thing. So with the new movie, Brave, this was the perfect opportunity for redeem that coupon of her's. Plus using a great promo code for Buy 1 ticket Get 1 free from Fandango- this deal was even sweeter! 

So to make this mother daughter date even more special I wanted to get Hailey a Brave Shirt. But I didn't find any around where we live. Instead of paying for one on-line I resorted to making one for her. 

A red shirt she already had (since red is not a summer color unless there's 4th of July decor on it already) and a cute sketch with some fabric markers and Viola! Cute and one-of-a-kind "Be Brave" shirt. 

But to make this an even better date Hailey wanted Grandma to come with us. So it turned into a mother-daughter, mother-daughter date night. :-)

 I guess they were both very excited since both Hailey and Grandma Felicia arrived early. Since we had time to waste Grandma treated us to Zupas. Who can resist their desserts? I can't!

Nor can Hailey. Obviously since her mouth is full of cheesecake while posing with Grandma.
But now for the movie.... such a great movie! I had no idea what it was about. I knew there was a red head girl who didn't want to get married. And she wanted to change her fate. But not to spoil the movie this movie is an amazing mother daughter movie. All 3 of us cried our eyes out. Disney you've done it again! 2 thumbs up! 

Anyways this date was so fun. It's been a while since all 3 of us done something like this. 
This was a great memory for all of us :-)

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