Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Member

Our neighbor, Aaron, has been taking lessons from 2 elder missionaries for awhile now. So one day Mike seen Aaron outside and was talking to him about so many things that one thing lead to another where Aaron invited us to his baptism. We were so honored and of course we accepted. So on Saturday Mike left work early (he has such great bosses) and I got our girls cleaned and dressed. Which I think is a bigger task than working a 6 hour shift. 

When we arrived there were so many people in attendance at his baptism that even I was overwhelmed by all the love and support that was in that room for him. Our girls were the only little ones in a room of Young Single Adults so they took the show with their giggles, adorable singing, and bashful smiles. A row of 6 grown men kept saying," Aww.....Did you see that?"
 Aaron's baptism was so amazing. I sat with the girls by the font so they can see and I could see Aaron starting to tear up right when everyone said "Amen". It was truly amazing.

The next day Aaron was to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. He invited us to attend the YSA ward so we could be there. And of course we went. It was alittle awkward since we were the only ones there with kids. I forgot how silent a chapel can be. Anyways as Aaron sat in the chapel and all those priesthood holder gathered around him he motioned for Mike to come up and be apart of it. The prayer was wonderful. The spirit touched everyone's heart that I seen people wiping their eyes. (the only reason I seen this is because I had 2 small children who I needed to keep 1 eye on at all times) Afterwards when Mike sat back down I could see that his countenance had changed. He said he was so touched to be invited to such a sacred ordinance. He was so overwhelmed by the spirit that he just couldn't help shine from the light of Christ.

Lily and Ducati were so happy to see their "neighbor friend" be baptized. Lily hasn't stopped talking about her baptism. She wants to have daddy baptize her,her primary teachers there, and her friend Ella there to sit by the glass because she's so little.

This was an amazing and truly unsuspected blessing this weekend. How wonderful it is to come onto your Heavenly Father on Father's day weekend.
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