Sunday, June 10, 2012

Journal Questions

Journal Question

Who did I spend time with this week? What did we do this week? 

Mason: I spent time with the girls jumping on the trampoline and swimming with Hailey. I read many books. I went to alot of stores with Mom and the girls for groceries and father's gifts.

Hailey: I spent time with everybody. Mostly daddy. Me and Daddy jumped on the trampoline. I tried to go in the deep end of the pool and I almost drowned. 

Describe your perfect summer day?

Hailey: Go swimming for 10 days. Going to the park for like 9 days. 
Mason: reading books and going to the park.

What are you thankful for?
Mason: for my sisters and that's all
Hailey: my family. my mother and my father. my grandma, my aunts and even Aunt Daina. 
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