Saturday, April 28, 2012

Montage Date

Confession- I have been seriously slacking on my dating commitment. For Mike's birthday I gave him a Date of the Month Club . I seen the idea on Love Actually but I made my own rendition to fit our own relationship style. But this slacker wife had allowed (insert excuse) here, here, and here to take me away from my date nights. So I made a Montage Date night with all 4 dates that I have missed. Mike was a great sport about it and accepted my apology to stay on track with our date club. 

Fondue Date. We enjoyed banana and strawberries dipped in chocolate. YUMMO!

 Chinese Date Night. Some yummy potstickers, ginger fried rice and a fortune puzzle that we put together while we ate.
 Taste of India. We tried some Curry Indian noodles that we'll graciously pass next time. We were going to do Henna tattoos but when I read that the ink could stay on your skin up to 6 months I skipped on that and purchased some paint Sharpies. Here's Mike tattoo- it reads "I ♥ Doritos"
 Dinner and Dancing- Enjoyed some chips and Salsa then did some Zumba Salsa. Super fun! We love date night!

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