Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning Egg Hunt

The kids have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. We had our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt Brunch. Games, friends, candy, park- our kids couldn't be more excite. However Mike and I were excited to see our friends and just chill as we watch our kids have tons of fun that someone else planned.

There were 2 age groups- 5 & under and 5& older. So Mason and Hailey were in the older aged group so they had to run all the way down to the hill to find their eggs. It's good exercise for them.
Lily and Ducati were with all the young kids so Mike and I just stood with them. Lily remembered this from last year so she knew right what to do. But it was still so fun to watch her shake the eggs and if it made a noise she put it in her basket. If there was no noise she threw it back on the ground. Too bad she didn't know that the lack of noise was from the overstuffed bag of candy that was stuff inside.
 She still made out like a bandit.
 Ducati on the other hand had no idea what she was doing. She looked so confused when we told her she could have the eggs on the floor. I guess we've taught her too well about not taking other people stuff that she was cautious to put the eggs in her basket.

 But after some reassurance that all was OK her excitement grew which lead to her hopping like a bunny to find more eggs.
 She's so funny!
After Lily and Ducati gathered up a bundle of eggs we headed back to the pavilion so they could check out their findings.
Mason and Hailey joined us soon after. They were so proud of themselves and their hard work.
 But now it's time for Mom to go through all their candy and  swap out the gluten candy with some gluten free starburst. It was tricky but I don't think anyone noticed :-) Hailey's showing me some of her candy.

Mason went off with some guys from school. This was a change for me but luckily Mike stood by my side.
 As we were leaving Ducati wanted to hop all the way to the car. She's so adorable. Of course we helped her out....after I took this photo. It was a great morning.

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