Friday, April 6, 2012

Granite Mills

Mike got a new job! He's been working as a temp worker at a plastics factory. He liked this since it was close to home and he was able to work with a few friends of his. But since it's a temp agency he was still looking for permanent employment.

After interviewing and impressing the manager Mike got a call to work at Granite Mills. During the training period the pay is not the best for a family of 6. However we've given it to Heavenly Father and know this is where Mike is suppose to be and we know that Heavenly Father will provide for us if we stay faithful.

So to describe his position he's the saw guy. :-) Right now he is cutting the wood for a new LDS chapel. So he's really loving the fact that he's helping even in a small way to build up the Kingdom of God. And also a BIG BONUS is that Mike can have all the wood he wants for FREE! After the wood is cut there's tons of pieces that can't be used so the company just throws it all away. So the manager said Mike could have it.

This.Makes.My. Husband. Happy.

He's come home with some beautiful pieces of wood that I can't believe it's just thrown away. He's so excite to have all this wood that he can't even think of what to build.

So the pay wage might not be big but pay of knowledge that Mike is getting is huge.

And for me- I love seeing Mike excite to go to work. I love seeing him so excite to expand on his woodworking skills. I love hugging him when he comes home (I love the smell of sawdust) and I love having him home on weekends.

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