Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 to 30 continues

 We're almost there. Mike has been really enjoying himself these past few weeks. He's to the point now that right when he wakes up he asks me "Don't I get a gift today?" He's so hilarious!

Day 20 a new tie
Day 21 Batman apparel. He loves the movies so why not get him something?
On my note I wrote :
"Sorry for earlier this is what I meant- You are my hero so now you can wear a piece of that Super awesome-ness"
Earlier that morning I just handed him his gift. No note, no wrapping paper, nothing-just a Walmart bag! Really Lame! So while he stepped out I re-gifted my gift so it was more meaningful. He appreciated it.
Day 22 a box of Reese Pieces with a tag that said :" I love you to Pieces" and a Mountain Dew that said: "I love everything you Dew!" and left them in a bag by the door so he would find them when he came home. 

Day 23 A membership to "Date of the Month Club". I really like this gift! I seen in on Pinterest and just loved it. 
I was planning on printing everything but then our printer broke the day before I had the chance so I wrote it all out by hand and glued it onto some scrapbook paper. I love my stack of paper- it's come in handy so many times.
In his package I enclosed.....

*8 Romantic Reward Tickets for things like bed in breakfast, a hookie day from all responsibility, a massage, etc.
*Bed and Breakfast gift card (only redeemable at our house) for 1 complimentary massage, bottle of sparkling cider, and breakfast in bed all redeemable by calling our house number ext. W-I-F-E
*12 dates for 12 months- I picked out 12 dates for us. Some involve us going out but most are home dates. He is to pick which date he wants for each month. Then he writes it on the Date Calendar Card that I enclosed and each month I'll do the work and he can enjoy the magic.

Our dates are Pizzeria Night, Chinese Night, Scenic Picnic, YouTube Date, Under the Stars, Game Night, Dinner and Dancing, Wild West, Las Vegas, Fondue, Camping (indoors or outdoors) and Taste of India.

This really made his day- with work, callings, and family things he sometimes find himself with little or no time to plan a date.So now once a month he's got it covered. 

But wait there's more.....
I enclosed a small bag of Hershey kisses and wrote a note along with it (that I also seen on Pinterest)
"Your kisses make me melt! The tags on each of these Hershey kisses are redeemable for a REAL kiss at any time" I think he liked this part since he ate that whole bag within 15 minutes!

Day 24 I love you because....

I seen this on the dating divas website and just loved it! But I added a little twist to it. The kids and I wrote 30 reasons why we love Mike. Each note went inside a balloon. So when he woke up he had to pop each one to see what the note said.
 You can see his little collection of notes on the picture frame.
 Of course everyone was wanting to help Daddy pop the balloons.

But after all was said and popped- he said he really enjoyed his gift. 
I think especially the part where I told him about the picture frame. Because of the glass I (or we) can write little love notes with a dry erase marker. I already started...see the messages are different already. I love this idea!

Day 25 a nice back massage to get those nasty knots out. 

5 more days until the grand finale of Mike's 30 to 30. I'm so excited!

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