Monday, April 16, 2012

Kid Coupons

Our kids have been wanting to redeem their coupons since that Easter Saturday. So today Lily redeemed her's. It was suppose to be for Dinner but she wanted dessert. Can't argue- who doesn't love ice cream for dinner? 

Anyways Lily picked Mike for her parent so they went for some yummy ice cream. She's so focused that it took Mike a couple of tries to get their photo.

 And Miss Cati also redeemed her Movie Coupon. Being a 2 year old sitting in a theater was something that would be impossible so she picked a movie from Redbox which was The Muppets. She was so happy to have picked the movie for Family Movie Night. And just how we thought- she ran, wiggled, jumped, and played during the movie. Good thing it was only $1.28. But as she gets older she'll be able to sit during a movie but until then it's Redbox!  Only 2 more coupons to redeem :-)

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