Saturday, April 14, 2012

Date 2

Friends of ours purchased a new home so our family was invited to a House Warming Party. But my brain started remembering everything and it made me wonder what if our kids mark up their new walls, or break something, or spill on their new carpet, or.... so we decided to get a sitter for our kids and go by ourselves to their house warming party. Much better for everyone around :-)

For a gift Mike made them a beautiful wood ottoman. Who doesn't love ottomans? In our house practically each room has one. I didn't take any photos of it since I'm a huge bonehead. But Mike said he'll make me one too so then I'll take a picture then.

When we left we grabbed a bite to eat. Mike is making me laugh by measuring how far our car was from the back door, the garbage can, the order window,etc....he's just being funny. But after driving home in a nice storm we ended our date and picked up our kids who were so happy that they got to play with their friends.

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