Sunday, April 29, 2012

Full of Giggles

A few moments I happen to capture that made us all giggle.

This is how Mike relaxes at home. Toss out those girly cucumbers this man uses pepperoni. He teases that  it spices up his dark circles.

Cati is trying to walk in my shoes. Great job giving it a go! Most wouldn't even attempt to give it a try :-)

Ducati trying to steal Mike's Charleston Chews. But I guess she was in the wrong place at the wrong time since she attempted her theft around her nap time. So she only got 1 bite in before she fell asleep. Better luck next time!
Warm days! After a few days of cold and wet weather our girls were over joyed to get some serious playtime in.

While watching a movie I layed by Lily and she reached over towards me so we could cuddle. Talk about having a melt my heart ♥ moment. 

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