Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Story of Easter

Today being Easter it was a nice day. It's pretty low key at our house. Which I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not-so-good thing but either way it was nice.

We ate french toast casserole for breakfast (recipe from Pinterest), read the last scripture from our Easter Eggs which was pretty awesome and of course went to church.

Why I'm writing down our lazy Easter Sunday was because I experienced a happy mom moment that I want to document since they come far and between. Mason and Mike were in the Sr. Primary class sharing time when the teacher was showing the kids the....12 Eggs of Easter!

So when she opened up the egg and showed the item inside she would look around to see if anyone knew what the item meant and guess who knew it all....Mason. Mike says that Mason was the "Go-To" guy for each egg.

I do not write this to gloat, boast, or be prideful so please don't feel that way. I write this because all those mornings of reading scriptures and teaching the kids the story of Jesus and his Resurrection I sometimes wonder if our kids were listening.  But to hear that what we are teaching them is's a great moment.

But put aside the eggs, candy, and fun- Easter is so much more than that. I am so grateful that Jesus Christ atoned for all my sins in order for me to return back to the presence of my Heavenly Father. I am so thankful that he loves me sooo much. I am only barely scratching the surface when it comes to explaining the amazing gift that both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gave us this day. But as I learn more I know I'll appreciate it more each year.

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