Saturday, April 7, 2012

Family Egg Hunt

After reading our 12 Days to Easter  egg Mike and I gathered all the kids into Mason room and went outside to hide our eggs.
Well....we didn't really hide them; it was more like we threw them on the ground. Same thing :-)

For our family egg hunt we start with the youngest and allow a 10 second head start and continue on until the oldest is out.
Ducati went first. She grabbed her basket and started running to find the eggs.

I held guard by the door so no one else sneaked out. 10 seconds later it was Lily's turn. She ran out of the house so fast I was sure her pants were on fire.
Mason and Hailey waited anxiously by the window. 10 seconds later Hailey ran out. By this time Mason was just jumping down the seconds for me. After the 10 seconds he ran out of the house, grabbed his basket, and grabbed all the eggs his sisters missed.
Fun times!

After all the eggs were found everyone headed back in to check out which date they got. Last year we put a Date Coupon in 4 eggs (1 for each kid) and we weren't planning on doing it this year but a couple of weeks ago the kids started talking about this date coupon. They were making plans to trade it if someone acquired the one they wanted. So we made the Date Coupons. Along with the dates we put in the eggs some GF candies and some knick knacks.

Mason recieved $1, a transformer and the date coupon for ice cream. But since he got this one last year he was pretty bummed. Mike and I talked with him but he said he didn't want it. So he gave it to Mike- so now  Mike and I have an ice cream date. Oh well...we tried.

 Lily found the Dinner Date. She's pretty excited! She also received some nail polish, a HOP purse (that I picked up last year for 25 cents......I love clearance items) and a marker set. She was happy with her findings.

 Ducati found the movie date coupon. So to now find a movie that a 2 year old could sit through. Maybe this movie date will come from Redbox since she's been wanting to rent Barbie Mermaid. Who knows? But she also received nail polish, a HOP mini purse and GF playdough.
 Miss Hailey was really excited with her egg findings. She found the $10 video game date. So she can either go to Nickel-cade or Boondocks so redeem her $10. She's really excite for this! She also received this cat bracelet that you can twist into a cat body. It's pretty cool. But also all the HOP items like her sisters.
For each date the kids can pick their parent of choice. So far Lily and Ducati picked Mike. Hailey picked me. But on the day of date they may change their minds. But everyone had a really fun time during our family egg hunt.
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