Saturday, April 28, 2012


Right now Mike is transitioning between jobs. Amazing story actually :-)

When Mike lost his job I lost my mind trying to find ways that we could provide for our family. Mike- he was cool as a cucumber. He had more faith during this trial than I had. Which I feel very blessed to have him in my life for moments that my fear yells louder than my faith.

Any Who..... Mike started networking that he was looking for work. Soon he found a job with a buddy of his. The work was only temporary but still is was work so he jumped on it. Meanwhile I put in applications, sent resumes, etc since this job wasn't permanent. Then a few weeks later Mike found employment at Granite Mills.

He loved the work. He loved the people. And he loved the free wood! Hahaha...... However 2 weeks into his new job he received a phone call from his buddy from the temp job to see how he was doing at the new job. Mike told him how he was doing but knew there was something more to that unexpected phone call. His friend wanted Mike back! All the managers were so impressed on how hard Mike worked and his great attitude that everyone missed him AND once there was an open position everyone agreed that they wanted to offer Mike the job first before anyone else.

Mike was flattered but explained that we needed to pray about it. So over the phone during lunch break we prayed and received our answer. He's to leave Granite Mills and accept the position at the plastic's factory.
But now to break the news to his current boss. Mike's boss really wanted him to stay. He valued Mike's hard work and common sense that he did everything and offered EVERYTHING to Mike in order for him to stay. But we always prayed after each offer and received the answer that he's to continue on towards the plastic factory.

But that didn't stop Mike from giving 110% of himself to his employer even to the last minute he worked there. Mike finished at Granite Mills last week. He'll have 6 days off before having to report to his new job. During these 6 days he's managed to crossed off several things from his Honey-Do list, spend tons of times with our kids, helped care for a couple of sick kiddos, taken care of me when I was feeling crappy, go on a few dates, etc. all the while having a great set of hair.  :-)

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