Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting ready for Easter

 This year for Easter we're teaching our kids more about Christ. Last year we told the story about Jesus and his resurrection. Read a few kid stories. But that's about it. It was our first year without the Easter Bunny. Yes....we've had the Bunny, Santa, tooth fairy, leprechaun talk. Last year I was not prepared on how to transfer the excitement from candy Easter to the excitement about Jesus being risen. But this year I was searching and found a sweet but spiritual way to teach our kids the story of Jesus's resurrection.

This year we are doing the 12 days until Easter.

When I read this on Pinterest  I fell in love with this idea.

It was really easy to make. 12 eggs, a sharpie, slips of paper and a few minutes to go searching for the knick knacks that go inside the eggs.
Some people put their eggs in an empty egg carton however I didn't have one so I use this old strawberry container.

On the slips of paper I wrote these scriptures and put the items that signified the scripture.
1. Matthew 26:26-27,39 (sacrament cup or piece of bread - I used bread)

2. Matthew 26: 14-15 (3 dimes - represents 30 pieces of silver)

3. Matthew 27:1-2 (knotted twine)

4. Matthew 27:15, 17, 21, 24-26 (chunk of hand soap)

5. Matthew 27:28-30  or Mark 15:16-17 (square of red or purple fabric)

6. Matthew 27:31-32 (small nail or toothpick cross)

7. Matthew 27:35 (dice to represent soldiers casting lots)

8. Matthew 27:50-51, 54 (crushed rocks)

9. Matthew 27:57-60 (strip of white cloth)

10. Matthew 27:60, 62-66 (a small, flat stone)

11. Mark 16:1, 2-6 (bay leaf or other herb)

12. Matthew 28:5-6 (empty - He is Risen)

So every day we have opened one egg ( sometimes this leads to a small argument on who's turn it is to open the egg) but our kids are so engaged in learning about Jesus Christ.  Mike missed the first 2 days so on day 3 when he joined us I held up the small items the kids told Mike everything about the scripture and what the item meant. He was so proud of them. 

But of course we are still going to have some Egg-Fun this Easter season. Lily and Ducati helped me fill these eggs up with candy for our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Which they are really excite for but our main experience this Easter is Jesus and his gift to us. We are really enjoying this Easter experience.

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