Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daughter in My Kingdom

While at church our Relief Society Presidency spoke about the importance of visiting teaching. They spoke about this wonderful book Daughters in my Kingdom  and they each shared their testimonies of experiences from being involved in visiting teaching.

I can write tons and tons of experiences of how visiting teaching has impacted my life. I can recall a few times where my visiting teaching has helped someone (only because they told me that it was helpful). But then the thought came to me (and I know it was truly inspiration) that I couldn't think of 1 memory that I shared with my visiting teaching companion. I've only had 2 visiting teaching companions so my experience has been pretty small. But that doesn't allow me to excuse myself from this.

Heavenly Father has paired me with one amazing woman that I probably won't of been close friends with without his guidance. We're completely different. We're in 2 different seasons of our lives. She's fashionable and I'm jeans-n-tshirt. She's been raised in the church and I'm a convert. She's been married 18 years and me 4 years. And my list of differences goes longer than our similarities. But through all our differences I never appreciated her the way I should. So after hearing this talk I was immediately impressed that I need to step out of being a good enough sister into striving to be a better sister.

After church I prayed to my Father 1st to apologize for my ignorance and lack of love for her. But 2nd for ways to learn to love her the way he loves her. My answer was to call her and invite her to attend the temple with me. I must of picked up the phone 4 times before I found the courage to actually punch in her phone number. When she agreed to go with me Tuesday morning I felt a warmth inside my heart. This is what I'm suppose to be doing.

After we went to the temple all our differences in my eyes washed away. She was my Heavenly sister. And that was the only thing that I needed to focus on. When I came back home I talked with Mike about my experience and he was so moved that he started asking several men he knew if they wanted to attend the temple with him.

It was just an amazing experience for me. One that I pray that she and I will be able to do monthly.
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